This and That

I know I’ve been really silent here on HH. The reason is because I”ve been doing a lot of tweeting. There’s a new saying “I used to blog, now I tweet.” Really though, I’ve not had much to say beyond 140 characters. The job situation is still dire. The house still hasn’t sold. Wolf is still working two jobs. Gardening has been nonexistant because of the (not so) impending move.

Wolf and I continue to struggle money wise because of the crap economy. More and more we are saying “no” to family events because we don’t have the money to travel nor the money to spend on gifts and gas. And while it makes me feel lonely and left out, the reality is we live far away from our families and they won’t come to visit no matter how many times I invite them and we can’t continue to visit them.

Despite inviting friends here constantly, rarely do the come. One friend did come up for the night and all she did was complain about the drive. I haven’t been down to visit her because I’ve been to visit her millions of times and she’s come here exactly once. Other friends haven’t come at all or not in over a year or two. I keep our home neat and clean and homey. I make sure it’s warm and doesn’t smell, and have plenty of good food and drink. But still visitors are so few and far between I can easily count the amount of people who have come to visit this year on two fingers. I’m not sure what the problem is so I can’t fix it. And I’m about to give up.

Occupy Wall Street has taken a lot of my energy and some of my time. Since I’m not working I can’t be gallivanting all over the state to the various occupations* so I’ve been laying low. I’ve been to a few of the marches and whatnot but haven’t done anything major with the occupation.

Winter has already come to Howling Hill. Samhain brought eight inches of snow. It melted just so we could get another six inches the other day. It’s nearly melted but more will come.

PJ continues to settle into our home. He is shy and skittish and is really afraid of me though I have no idea why. He’s all about Wolf though so at least some of his affection needs are being met.

Really, it’s been quiet and boring and lonely. No one talks about the isolation and loneliness of chronic unemployment. I try to keep myself busy by knitting but that does get boring after a while and my wrists will start to hurt if I knit too much. I try to keep entertained with Netflix but even that is losing its appeal. There is only so much TV I can stand. I like to have it on because it fools me into thinking someone is talking to me, that I have companionship and company. But really, I’m not a fan of TV and never have been.

So that’s what’s going on in these parts. What about you?

*That aren’t actually occupations. NH couldn’t get their shit together to agree on where to occupy. Also, NHites are too timid when it comes to the police. If I remember my history correctly, the Minutemen never asked King George if they could dump the tea into Boston Harbor nor did they line up to be arrested. So OccupyNH is not an actual occupation.

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3 Responses to This and That

  1. Soli says:

    Understand well about the boredom and isolation, even if I live in an area where I know people nearby. It’s a phenomenon of this state, and even in the rest of New England it’s not so bad.

    Today will hopefully turn into wrap-up school day. Along with crochet.

  2. I know for us it is increasingly harder and harder for us to leave the farm for any real length of time… especially now while we are bottle feeding a calf. But we are much looking forward to having you and Wolf out next weekend!

  3. Annette says:

    Neither of us are unemployed (we are self employed) though work is slower now than in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving. My work picks up from now until New Years and then slows again. Ronnie’s is kind of hit/miss; people want the work done and then do not pay until month’s later. Makes it tough.

    My family does not live close and, as you said, money and fuel are in short supply, so I travel to work, home… that’s about it. Ronnie’s family lives in the area and will occasionally drop by.

    If we were closer, I’d come for a visit! = ) Hang out with a fellow knitter.

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