I’m Not Dead Yet

The elimination diet is going well. I’m starting to notice positive changes. And some negative ones.

Lets start with negative then move to positive, shall we?

Negative: apples and almonds make me itch. The diarrhea is still hovering. Haven’t been getting much exercise.

Something triggered the my immune response but I don’t know if it was the cashews I was snacking on or if it was the almond milk in the no bake cookies Wolf made. Tonight I’ll have to try some cashews and see what happens.

The diarrhea is getting better but it’s still there so I know I’m eating foods which trigger it. Still, it could be the water.

It’s been incredibly icy and cold here, the two things which will active my “lazy” button. I haven’t been getting any exercise and only doing a small bit of yoga.

Positive: GERD is almost gone. Lost some weight. Depression easing.

Sure, I’ve had some GERD but almost immediately I’ve been able to identify the cause. Triggers are processed foods and nightshades.

I’ve lost enough weight that my wedding ring fits for the first time ever, and my pants have become too big. My mother said she noticed some weight loss in my chest which bums me out because I like my boobs as big as they are. I don’t want to lose any weight there.

The depression has eased quite a bit. This has to do with food and because I’ve been getting out more so the isolation of winter hasn’t been as dreadful as past winters.

There has been a couple times when I’ve eaten wheat and or dairy. Once was because Wolf and I were at whits end about what to eat that day so he brought home a cheese calzone. Another time was at a restaurant where I felt compelled to eat something and mozzarella sticks were the only viable option on the menu. The other time was just a couple days ago when I went to Jimmy’s Steak House with my mother after Uncle Frankie’s wake.

We’ve been eating more and more local foods so that’s been a great help to this diet. I still miss wheat, dairy, and especially the nightshades, but not as much. I can feel my desires for those foods easing each day. And I feel better than I ever have.

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2 Responses to I’m Not Dead Yet

  1. Michelle says:

    I’m so impressed that you have chosen to deal with what ails you instead of just wringing your hands and moaning over it – which is what it seems most of America does. Good luck finding all of your triggers, and then with avoiding them. I am so glad for you that you’re feeling better, things fit better, and you are generally in a better place now!

  2. Administrator says:

    I wrung my hands for years. Finally I figured out the doctors don’t want you to get better, all they want is your money. So I took matters into my own hands and started fixing my body myself.

    The depression is still abundant but not as overwhelming as it has been. Eliminating processed foods is certainly helping.

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