Fall Off

For years I just wanted the weight to fall off. I didn’t want to exercise. And when I did, I would get so frustrated that I lost no weight at all. For example, when Athena lived with us, I was walking six miles a day with her but I lost no weight. Sure, I didn’t gain any, which was good, but I didn’t lose either.

Apparently all I had to do was give up wheat and dairy.

Since starting the elimination diet on January 29th (I think that was the date), I’ve lost 30 pounds. Wolf has lost 11. All this weight has fallen off our bodies despite the fact we haven’t started the exercise component yet. So between the two of us, we’ve lost 41 pounds without any exercise. Now that’s what I mean by having the weight just fall off! We know the weight won’t continue to fall off though. We know we have to get off our butts and exercise. On Sunday Wolf and I will be Couch to 5k program. And on April 2 we’ll start the Juice fast which will last 60 days.

Most of the foods we’ve been eating during this time has been local and organic. The CSA comes in every other Thursday. We supplement by going to the Tilton Winter Farmer’s Market each Saturday. What we can’t get from the CSA and at the Farmers Market we get at the supermarket.

Wolf has really enjoyed cooking dinner each night. He says the quality of the food is what is making cooking much more enjoyable. We’re getting more adventurous about food, trying out new dishes on a regular basis. Not eating wheat and dairy has really made us look at recipes with a critical eye.

There have been times when Wolf and I have eaten dairy and/or wheat during this period. A couple times I was so at whit’s end, so fucking hungry, that I screamed at him to bring me something home to eat. Other times we’ve been at friend’s or family’s and ate what they gave us. So we’re not totally free of dairy and wheat, but I’ll tell ya, it’s so obvious when we do eat it. Recently I had three onion rings and I felt it for three days. Lesson learned: don’t eat onion rings or I’ll feel like crap.

One of the negative side effects of this diet is the isolation it brings. Despite eating what is provided for us when we eat out of home, friends have stated they did not invite us because they ate something we “would never eat.” My mother inlaw got upset the first time we refused food. We made the decision to eat whatever she provided and just deal with the side effects later just so we wouldn’t upset her. It’s a tough choice to make: feel like shit or maintain familial relationships.

We’ve always meal planned but this diet takes meal planning to a whole new level. Not only do we have to plan dinner but we also have to plan lunch (breakfast is still easy to whip up). Usually we have for lunch what we had for dinner the night before. This can be a problem when Wolf didn’t make enough, or the recipe was small, or if whatever he made irritated the GERD. Since there is no bread in the house, sandwiches are not an option and I’ve had about as much soup as I can stand. But still we persevere.

The GERD is still a problem for me. Every time I think I’ve gotten it under control it rears it ugly head. Some foods I have been able to identify as triggers such as anything in the nightshade family. Other triggers I have not been able to figure out. Yesterday, for example, the GERD was constant all day long and I can’t figure out what the trigger was.

Overall we’re quite please with the results. Continuing as we are is exactly what we plan on doing: eating local foods, not eating dairy nor wheat, and adding exercise into the daily routine.

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