Northern Pass

The thing is, I’m pretty terrible about “daily practices.” I don’t shower daily, I don’t pray daily, I don’t exercise daily. There are only a few things I do daily: eat, relieve myself, brush my teeth, check my email. I think about creating daily practices all the time. I think about praying, exercising, writing all on a daily basis. But I never actually cultivate those practices, I just think about them.

I’ve been writing on this blog for six years now. It hasn’t been a daily practice for most of its life. It started out as a place for me to write about the seasons, gardening, and whatnot because I had another blog (now defunct) on which I wrote out the rage which filled my soul with sour energy. It was there I did most of my politicking. But I outgrew that other blog and grew into this one.

I tried to be less bloggy and more in-person over the last couple years, but gas is expensive (I’m still not working with any consistency) so going out isn’t much use. The lack of money has left me very depressed so I haven’t wanted to go out and interact with people so hibernating wasn’t really a big deal. And since we had the house on the market, I didn’t have much to say garden wise, or canning wise, because I didn’t plant a garden nor did I do much canning.

But all that changed.

Wolf and I accepted we won’t be moving from Central New Hampshire anytime soon. We settled back into our home and started making plans again. We made a garden map for this year. We’re looking into some flowers we can plant. We’ve talked about how we want to learn and practice more permaculture practices.

Then we found out about Northern Pass.

Northern Pass is a project proposed by PSNH to bring hydro-electricity to Massachusetts and Connecticut via New Hampshire. The hydro-electricity will come from Hydro-Quebec, a completely un-green project of the Canadian government.

Northern Pass, if approved, will raise 1000+ towers for 180 miles through New Hampshire, from the Canadian border to Southeast New Hampshire. It’ll cross through the White Mountain National Park. The towers will be up to 140 feet high, about twice as tall as the trees.

If Northern Pass is approved, Howling Hill will be directly affected. A tower will sit in the yard. The stream which feeds the well will be contaminated. The soil which grows the vegetables and fruits will be contaminated. The air will be contaminated. The health of the humans, felines, and foul which reside on Howling Hill will be contaminated.

So the daily practice will documenting all the life here on our one acre in Central New Hampshire.

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