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Summer Hybernation

That’s not really what I’ve been doing. Rather, I’ve been protesting my ass off. Then recovering. Advertisements

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Laws of Probability

Recently I was in Chicago for the progressive activities of OccupyChi, Healthcare Not Warfare, Robin Hood Tax, and #noNATO. There are lots of things I want to write about as my experiences were broad. I’ll start first with the laws … Continue reading

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This and That

I know I’ve been really silent here on HH. The reason is because I”ve been doing a lot of tweeting. There’s a new saying “I used to blog, now I tweet.” Really though, I’ve not had much to say beyond … Continue reading

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Latest Greenist Post

Go read what I have to say please Occupied Waste

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Job Elimination

The news just keeps getting worse for the 99%. Home-improvement retailer Lowe’s said Monday that it is making the cuts to focus on more profitable locations. The move involves closing 20 stores in 15 states and cutting 1,950 jobs. Before … Continue reading

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Sorry for the quality of the picture, I took it on my crappy phone I’m just back from OccupyNH’s kick off yesterday. It started in Veteran’s Park in Manchester then moved to Victory Park, two blocks away, where we set … Continue reading

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These last few weeks I’ve been glued to my Twitter feed following OccupyWallSt and OccupyBoston. I’m glad to report OccupyNH will start this coming Saturday at Noon in Manchester’s Veteran’s Park. Why? Commuting from Howling Hill to Boston everyday for … Continue reading

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