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Laws of Probability

Recently I was in Chicago for the progressive activities of OccupyChi, Healthcare Not Warfare, Robin Hood Tax, and #noNATO. There are lots of things I want to write about as my experiences were broad. I’ll start first with the laws … Continue reading

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Back on Track

Last week Wolf and I were in Maine for our yearly vacation. Being there totally re-centered me. And this year I actually took a swim in the ocean. Twice! Upon coming back I started putting much more effort into finding … Continue reading

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While walking down State Street in Boston this morning I went splat. One minute I was walking along at a good pace and the next I was on the ground with an ankle at an odd angle. Thankfully a young … Continue reading

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Where Have I Been?

Boston mostly. Finally I found a job. Well, sorta. I’m temping at a nonprofit in Boston. I’d like it to turn into a permanent position… I’ve been taking the bus down to Beantown. The commute is long and tiring. Sleeping … Continue reading

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You Are What You Eat

I’m heading to Boston for the night. I have an interview in Cambridge tomorrow morning. In the mean time, I leave you with this link: Bacon.

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“Interview” in Woburn

Before I left to go on vacation I got a phone call asking me if I wanted to set up an interview at a company in Woburn, Massachusetts. Since I’m not in the habit of saying “no” to anyone who … Continue reading

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And We’re Home

Ah, vacation. There’s nothing like a week at the beach to refresh one’s soul and spirit. Wolf and spent our anniversary in York, Maine. It was, of course, blissful. I don’t have much commentary to write because I’ll have a … Continue reading

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