Removal of Evil Spirits

I was looking in the book Papa Jim’s Herbal Magic Workbook and saw this great spell.

For returning evil back to a person doing you harm, carve the name of your target into a Black Image candle. Place the candle on a piece of red cloth, our some Black Salt over it, and wrap it up with some blackberry leaves then tie it up with a Black ribbon. Hit it with a hammer a couple times. call out the person’s name and what you want to return back to the person. Then every couple days hit it with the hammer again repeating what you said, then throw it into a deep hole.

In the past I’ve agonized over not having precisely the right tools/ingredients. Now I’m not so worried about precision. There are so many opinions on ritual and spell it’s hard to find the truth. So I decided a while back to go with MY truth and do what I feel comfortable with.

On that note, I also don’t believe in waste. Taking black candle, smashing it, then throwing it into the ground seems so wasteful to me. So instead of using a candle I’m going to use a stick. I will wrap it in red yarn because that’s what I have on hand. Then, I will pour some dirt over it because, again, that’s what I have available to me. I will wrap it in blackberry leaves and tie it with black yarn. Then I will dig a hole and throw it in since there is no pit in close proximity to me.

And now is the perfect time because Moon is waning. Actually, since Moon will be new on Tuesday, I’ll wait until then to do this spell. It gives me a chance to gather what I have and create some sacred space. And it gives me something to plan for Tuesday.

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2 Responses to Removal of Evil Spirits

  1. If I may offer a simpler, more cost effective spell:

    Take a black taper candle (it can be one of the two inch tall 25 cent ones) and place it in front of a mirror. Light the candle and make sure it is positioned in such a way that you can see the flame reflected in the mirror. Visualize the negative energy in question reflected in the mirror back at its sender. Let the candle burn down completely and bury the remaining wax. Again, use a small candle and this costs a quarter.

    Or, use the same black candle stuck to the bottom of a small bowl with a little wax. Fill the bowl with water and light the candle. Visualize the flame as the spell you wish to break. When the candle reaches the water and goes out, so will the spell. Again, bury the remaining wax. This doesn’t send the energy back where it came from, but it effectively solves your problem.

    Substitutions are great, it’s your subconscious cues that count, but sometimes the tools your using contribute their own energy to the spell.

  2. Kathy Carroll, Rev. says:

    Have you heard of a way to remove spirits that can be seen in a mirror (which may also be a portal)? In the case of large wall mirrors which cannot be removed, if you have info on how to move the spirits into a new space for disposal (or casting out) I would love to hear about it. Thanks for posting this article though I’m a bit concerned for myself performing it as it’s likely considered a Wiccan spell and I’m a Christian minister.

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