Wet, Stinky Pits

For a long while I’ve been wanting to eliminate using deodorant. The commerical brands available are full of chemicals I can’t pronounce. Despite my desire to eliminate deodorant, I have no desire to smell or have wet stains under my arms.

I’ve heard of people using baking soda under their arms but didn’t know how well it worked. I just kept putting off trying it. Finally I bit the bullet and mixed up some tea tree oil with some baking soda, bought a blush brush and tried it. And you know what? It worked ok.

At first I was still pretty wet under the arms despite not odor so I added some corn starch to the mix. That worked out much better but there is still a bit of wetness but nothing embarrassing.

So it seems I am now over my deodorant addictions! Yea! First the shampoo and conditioner and now the deodorant. Woot!

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One Response to Wet, Stinky Pits

  1. Michael Hammond says:

    Hello, I originally saw your post on “No Sacred Place”. Have you seen the deodorant products that use mineral salts (potassium alum) and purified water? (Crystal brand deodorant). I use their unscented brand and am quite surprised how well it works:


    I’m sure you wouldn’t care much for the plastic containers, so maybe there is a way you can find the salt separate from its container and go on from there in your experiments?

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